These Three Reefs Are Not Like Each Other

By Maggie Johnson My field work entails a combination of field and laboratory experiments. Field work is utterly exhausting; working in and on the water for all daylight hours and then in the lab for what remains of the day. But one of the things I love the most about being a marine biologist with field based research is the … Read More

The CAU Slaughterhouse Chronicles

By Adi Khen   As a first-time volunteer at the Smith lab, I got to be involved in one of the most exciting parts of data processing: drying, weighing, acidifying and, basically, slaughtering CAUs! Let me explain… CAU stands for Calcification Accretion Unit, or in this case a set of two stacked PVC tiles that are used to measure carbonate … Read More

Research Adventures in Maui

PhD student Levi Lewis shares his recent ventures in Hawaii. From data collection to seeing nature at work, sometimes it’s hard to believe that these devoted students get to do this for a living.

Pau Hana Maui 2011

Levi Lewis, a PhD student in the Smith Lab, talks about his final field excursion of 2011 to Maui to collect data for his research.

Featured Research: Ocean Acidification

Read more about some of our current research on Ocean Acidification in this recently published piece from Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry News. See pg. 9 for some images and data from our last trip to the Line Islands. Check out the full article here: Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry News, Winter 2011

Notes from the field: In The Lab

Andi with samples

This is a blog post by Andi Haas, a PhD student in our lab, following the other side of field research. While the majority of the lab is on a field cruise, generating data for future scientific publications, others are still working in the lab, processing samples collected on the last field trip and preparing for the next. Working in … Read More