Can algae be the secret to reducing one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide? Sneak a peek into the Smith Lab’s latest research collaboration!
An incredible story of reef recovery after coral bleaching at Palmyra Atoll
Orion McCarthy answers the question, “What will climate change mean for corals?”
Adi Khen on the Importance of Art to Communicate Science
Smith Lab awarded grant by the California Ocean Protection Council to study effects of sea level rise on intertidal communities


100 Island Challenge featured by BBC Earth
Adi Khen featured affiliate artist with Climate Science Alliance
SIO Scientist Spotlight: A day in the life of Dr. Jen Smith
100IC team featured in bioGraphic while on expedition in the Cook Islands
Smith Lab alum, Maggie Johnson, uses her field skills to learn more about Panama’s reefs
100 Island Challenge featureed at SXSW: “Saving coral reefs one pixel at a time”


Collaboration in the news: Smith Lab assists US Fish and Wildlife Service with water quality monitoring at Palmyra Atoll
New study by SIO alum, Dr. Maggie Johnson, reveals how turf algae fare in the face of global change
Herbivore management may be the key to balancing the budget on coral reefs
Curious about the “100 Island Challenge”? Check out this article to learn more!
Smith lab & colleagues publish new paper looking at zooplankton on coral reefs
Smith Lab & colleagues march (& swim) for science on Earth Day 2017!
Citizen-supported science in the Gulf of Maine
What are scientists saying about the fate of the Great Barrier Reef?
Ever wondered about the coral reef ecologist’s tools of the trade?
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Eos article spotlights the Benthic Ecosystem and Acidification Measurement System (BEAMS) developed by a team of Scripps researchers
A new study highlights the importance of surface biomass in the growth and recovery of giant kelp


Book chapter recently published explores the role of marine macrophytes in nearshore systems
Smith lab and colleagues find that Crown of Thorns (COTS) larvae can take up organic matter derived from corals
Do different species of herbivorous fish have unique grazing roles on coral reefs, or are they all grazing alike?
Smith lab and colleagues present an autonomous approach to measure coral reef net calcification and production rates
New publication from Smith lab & colleagues: Meet the Benthic Underwater Microscope (BUM)
Palmyra Atoll Bleaching Update (May 2016)
Smith lab and colleagues publish new paper looking at microbes on coral reefs
Congratulations to the Smith and Sandin Lab Undergraduates!
Published Results on Invasive Algae in San Diego
SOAR with me underneath the Scripps Pier!
From the Pristine to Degraded: Reefs of the Central Pacific


Scientists measure the ‘beauty’ of coral reefs
Published Results: Effects of ocean acidification on San Diego seaweeds
Published Results – new paper focuses on the small things on a coral reef
Adventures in Chagos
New paper focuses on the small things on a coral reef
These Three Reefs Are Not Like Each Other
The Sargassum horneri Invasion at Catalina Island
The Faces and Functions of Algae on the Reef
Adventure in Puerto Morelos, Mexico
Northern Channel Islands Algae Collection Trip
Coral Reef Ecosystems: Human Impacts, Pristine Reefs & Conservation Strategies
The CAU Slaughterhouse Chronicles
Influential conservation papers of 2014 – featuring Smith Lab’s Clinton Edwards!


Learning About Coral Diversity and Conservation on the Great Barrier Reef
My first summer in the field – by Gideon Butler
Surfer / Scientists enter NatGeo contest to image the world’s best surf spots
Sequencing at sea: challenges and experiences in Ion Torrent PGM sequencing during the 2013 Southern Line Islands Research Expedition
Envisioning Maui’s Reefs: Photomosaics as a conservation and analysis tool
PhD student Maggie Johnson attends inspiring Gordon Research Conference
Dr. Smith Featured in “Career Girls” Video!
Smith Lab Undergraduate Niko Kaplanis wins Best Poster!
2014 Student Video Challenge – Congratulations Emily Kelly!
In Memoriam: Rachel Morrison
SEA Days: Diving Deeper with Scripps Scientists
Coralline Algae: The Unsung Architects of Coral Reefs


Smith Lab’s Clint Edwards Publishes New Paper!
2013 Expedition: Journey to the Southern Line Islands
From the Field: How Long Do Corals Need to Recover?
Introducing… Abby Cannon, PhD Student
It’s Not a Sprint….
Smith Lab Ocean Acidification Experiments Featured in the Environmenal Monitor
Coral Club with Nick Graham
Scripps Ladies Return from Research Trip in Palmyra
Smith Lab Collects Data From Year Long Ocean Acidification Experiment
Smith Lab is in Full Swing for Summer
2013 UCSD Student Research Showcase
Coral Reef Ambassadors
The Night Before The Defense
Dr. Jennifer Smith Helps the Blue Halo Initiative
Smith Lab Helps Spread the Word on Ocean Acidification!
The Smith Lab Helps Party for the Planet
Smith Lab Helps Establish Live Feed of Continuous Ocean Acidification Data at SIO
The Smith Lab Reaches Out!
An Adventure to the Arabian Peninsula
Exploring Coral Reef Threats
Starting off 2013 With The Smell of Algae
Scripps Researchers Explore Wonders of Coral


Perks of Being A Marine Ecologist
Scripps Researchers Monitor a Day in the Life of Coral
In the News: Exploring Coral Reef Threats from Changing Ocean Chemistry
Smith lab takes on the Western Society of Naturalists
The Grass is Always Greener…
Field Research: Earning My Fins
Communicating Ocean Acidification in Bodega Bay
A Tropical Oasis for Global Change Research
Na Hoku
[de] Construction at Ukumehame
6 AM: Not Just for Sleeping
Trying to Defy the Laws of Physics in the Name of Science
When is a Marine Biologist like a Geometry Student?
Smith Lab Publishes A New Paper!
Disgustingly… Awesome – A Look at Coral Spawning
Looking Back at ICRS 2012
Smith Lab In Action!
12th International Coral Reef Symposium 2012 – Cairns Australia
Research Adventures in Maui
Acidification & Summer Vacation
Working with Birch Aquarium to Educate on Algae!
Parrotfish in San Diego??
Looking Back to the Line Islands
Smith Lab Prepares for the 27th Annual Oceans Benefit Gala!
I Can Harvest Light With No Chloroplasts
His Holiness shares his views on science and compassion.
Triton Day: Welcoming Prospective Students with Charismatic Critters!
Smith Lab Members Share Research with SIO Donors!
New Ocean Acidification Sensor Installed at Scripps!
Adventures with Algae!
Moonlighting as a Terrestrial Ecologist…
Catching Up With… Jill Harris!
Catching up with…Susan Kram!
Four Days of Data and Chicken Wire
A Less Scientific Approach to Marine Biology
Pau Hana Maui 2011
Talking Story with the Pacific Voyagers & Press Release
SciFund Fuels Smith Lab Research


Why We Love Marine Biology
Smith Lab Publishes New Paper on Ocean Acidification
Not Quite A Typical Day At Work
Put Your Money Where Your Reef Is
Smith Lab Members Publish New Papers!
Finding Inspiration
Breaking Coral Reef News: NOAA Issues Comprehensive Samoa Archipelago Assessment
Making Plans, “Bahia” Style
Notes From the Field: Palmyra Atoll
Learning more about Ocean Acidification
Notes From the Field: Brazil
In the News! Lahaina, Hawaii News
Notes from the Field: Hawaii
A Great Introduction to Reef Ecology
Earth Day at Qualcomm
Featured Research: Ocean Acidification
Thrilled to be back on the reef!


Notes from the field: In The Lab
Notes from the field: Line Islands
Notes from the Field: Hawaii
Battle Zones
Check out the research in the Northern Line Island Expedition!
The Underappreciated Reef Algae
The Past, Present, and Future of the Reefs at Fanning Atoll
A Most Useful Useless Reef
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