The Jeffrey B. Graham Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture Series: Food, Feed, & Climate Change

Dr. Jennifer Smith and lab staff researcher, Brant Chlebowski, presented a joint lecture for the Jeffrey B. Graham Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture Series at Birch Aquarium. In their talk entitled, “Food, Feed, & Climate Change: Emerging Opportunities for Shore Based Seaweed Aquaculture,” they discuss the recent innovations in shore-based aquaculture and the great potential it has to change the … Read More

What are scientists saying about the fate of the Great Barrier Reef?

This week PBS interviewed scientists, including Dr. Jennifer Smith, about the effects of climate change on the health of the Great Barrier Reef. Click here to learn more about the science behind global warming and coral bleaching and what actions you can take daily to help preserve coral reefs!

Coral Reef Ecosystems: Human Impacts, Pristine Reefs & Conservation Strategies

Jeffery B. Graham Perspectives on Ocean Science Lecture Series presents Dr. Jenner Smith Check out Dr. Smith’s presentation here! Understanding how humans impact marine ecosystems is crucial to developing successful conservation strategies that protect the health of our ocean.  Discover how Scripps marine ecologist Jennifer Smith and her team are conducting research relevant to solving human-induced problems in environments … Read More

2014 Student Video Challenge – Congratulations Emily Kelly!

Student Video Challenge – Congrats Emily Kelly & Matt Siegfried!!   Last month, the Scripps Communications Office and the SIO Department announced their first-ever student video contest!  This was an opportunity for all Scripps students to create short, engaging videos to demonstrate why Scripps matters and why they chose to come here.  Submissions were collected, and voted on by Scripps … Read More

It’s Not a Sprint….

2013 has been a crazy year for PhD student Levi Lewis, and it’s not over yet! Levi gives a brief glimpse of what he’s been up to these past 9 months, and reflecting about how sweet the experience continues to be.

Coral Club with Nick Graham

The San Diego Coral Club is a monthly informal gathering of coral reef researchers visiting or working in the San Diego area. From students to established scientists, these coral reef enthusiasts have the opportunity to present preliminary data and discuss hot research topics among their peers. Also it’s a great environment to develop new collaborations and exchange ideas about coral reef science and the conservation of tropical reefs over wine and pizza.

Smith Lab is in Full Swing for Summer

Master’s student Samantha Clements summarizes the ongoing summer activities of the Smith Lab. From research travels around the world to data processing right here at home, there’s no such thing as summer break from science… and it’s awesome!

Coral Reef Ambassadors

Jill Harris, a PhD student in the Smith Lab takes part of Coral Reef Ambassadors, a cross cultural program designed to encourage youths from San Diego and Taiwan to learn more about coral reef ecology.

The Night Before The Defense

Clint Edwards, a Master’s student in the Smith Lab, shares his personal experience on the final stages of earning his Master’s Degree