Communicating Ocean Acidification in Bodega Bay

What happens to all of the carbon dioxide that is released into the air from our cars and factories?  This is a question that concerns many people these days, particularly scientists like myself that are interested in studying the effects of increased CO2 on our marine animals.  

A Tropical Oasis for Global Change Research

Just back from her latest research excursion, PhD student Maggie Johnson talks about her experience at Palmyra Atoll, an amazing research opportunity for any marine biologist. Read more to find out why!

6 AM: Not Just for Sleeping

Alex Neu, an undergraduate student from California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB), worked in the Smith Lab throughout the entire summer. Experiencing all the aspects of a marine scientist, he describes what motivates him to continue to pursue this rewarding career path.

Smith Lab In Action!

Summer may be at its peak, but members of the Smith Lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) are still hard at work! Some are out & about around the world checking on their experiments and collecting data, others are right here in San Diego learning new skills and working on various projects. Find out what people are up to!

Acidification & Summer Vacation

Alex Neu is an undergrad researcher visiting the Smith lab for the summer. He is helping out with our acidification experiments and wanted to share his experience thus far.

Working with Birch Aquarium to Educate on Algae!

PhD students Emily Kelly & Maggie Johnson spent the afternoon with various aquarists and teachers at the Birch Aquarium for a workshop about local and tropical algal species that can be found at Birch Aquarium.

Parrotfish in San Diego??

Clint Edwards, a Master’s student in the Smith Lab, gives us a little scientific perspective on fish sold in markets. We should think a little before we buy any fish available at the local grocery store.

Looking Back to the Line Islands

In the fall of 2010, researchers from SDSU, SIO, and other coral reef ecologists collaborated together for a research cruise to the Northern Line Islands, home to the some of the most pristine coral reef ecosystems still thriving in the world today.

Smith Lab Prepares for the 27th Annual Oceans Benefit Gala!

The San Diego Oceans Foundation (SDOF) is hosting its 27th Annual Oceans Benefit Gala – Oceans for the Future: A Sustainable Seafood Celebration on April 26 at SeaWorld’s Turtle Reef & Shark Exhibit. The mission of the SDOF is to promote ocean stewardship by leading community-supported projects that enhance the ocean habitat and encourage sustainable use of the oceans resources.

I Can Harvest Light With No Chloroplasts

Levi Lewis, a PhD student in the Smith Lab, shows that creativity and science can go hand in hand. Check out his awesome music video about algae and it will inspire you to express your own creativity through science too!