I Can Harvest Light With No Chloroplasts

Levi Lewis, a PhD student in the Smith Lab, shows that creativity and science can go hand in hand. Check out his awesome music video about algae and it will inspire you to express your own creativity through science too!

Adventures with Algae!

Here’s a photo album of all the different aspects of Dr. Jennifer Smith’s phycology class: From lecture to lab work to field collecting. Enjoy the photos because we definitely enjoyed the experience!

Catching Up With… Jill Harris!

Jill Harris, a Ph.D. student in the Smith Lab, gives us a little insight on the “ins and outs” of the Smith Lab this quarter. If you’d like to know more about Jill’s research or what she’s up to, you can also check our her own blog at http://backtothesea.wordpress.com/

Catching up with…Susan Kram!

Susan Kram, the newest Master’s student in the Smith Lab, gives an update on what she’s been working on this quarter at SIO. From classes, projects, and continuing to develop her own research projects, a Master’s student’s work is never done.