Smith Lab Members Share Research with SIO Donors!

On Monday, April 2, the Smith’s Lab’s very own Ph.D. student Emily Kelly was a featured speaker at the annual reception for SIO donors and fellowship recipients. Emily Kelly, and fellow PhD. Smith Lab students Levi Lewis, and Jill Harris also presented posters and had the opportunity to mingle with donors and other students at a reception at the Birch Aquarium.
Emily did a fantastic job as one of three students to share her research and experiences with the audience. Even though the aquarium is our next-door neighbor, it feels special to attend celebrations there. And we are especially thankful for the generous donors who not only make our work financially feasible, but who also always take a keen interest in our latest scientific discoveries and triumphs.
You can check out the posters on the wall outside of our lab located at 2255 Hubs Hall.