Published Results – new paper focuses on the small things on a coral reef

Jill’s new paper, written with Jen and Levi, came out recently in the Marine Ecology Progress Series. Their paper, Quantifying scales of spatial variability in algal turf assemblages on coral reefs, describes how turf algae on a coral reef are variable over very small scales. Turf algae are a group of small (~ 1 cm tall) algae that grow like a fuzzy … Read More

From the Field: How Long Do Corals Need to Recover?

PhD Student Jill Harris talks about her summer research experience with fellow Smith Lab PhD student Levi Lewis at the Korallion Lab in the Maldives. They were looking at the aftermath of a massive coral bleaching event in 1998 determining how the event has effected the coral reefs and marine life.

It’s Not a Sprint….

2013 has been a crazy year for PhD student Levi Lewis, and it’s not over yet! Levi gives a brief glimpse of what he’s been up to these past 9 months, and reflecting about how sweet the experience continues to be.