Dr. Smith Featured in “Career Girls” Video!

Career Girls, Marine Biologist Dr. Smith.

Career Girls is an organization dedicated to providing young girls of all income levels and ethnic backgrounds with the academic tools and support they need to achieve their professional aspirations. They do this by providing a “real world” context for a child’s academic studies, specifically through interviews with positive female role models and a comprehensive collection of easy-to-follow educational resources.

By hearing from successful women they can identify with, and learning about the educational paths these professionals took to reach their goals, female students can take direct steps toward nurturing their own intellects, skills and talents in order to create fulfilling and productive lives of their choosing.

Today, Career Girls® is a registered trademark with over 200 role models and over 4,000 video clips. Career Girls has shared videos and collaborated with a wide variety of organizations from Girl Scouts to Young Women in Bio to the Charles H. Wright Museum of Aftrican American History in Detroit. Career Girls videos are now seen around the world on multiple platforms.

Dr. Smith was recently featured in one of these videos, check it out!! Career Girls, Marine Biologist Dr. Smith.


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