Published Results: Effects of ocean acidification on San Diego seaweeds

A new paper, written by Susan Kram and co-authors, was recently accepted for publication in the ICES Journal of Marine Science themed article set on Ocean Acidification. The paper, “Variable responses of temperate calcified and fleshy macroalgae to elevated pCO2 and warming,” describes the responses of six different locally abundant San Diego seaweeds to future ocean acidification and warming conditions. … Read More

New paper focuses on the small things on a coral reef

By Jill Harris Jill’s new paper, written with Jen and Levi, was recently accepted for publication in the Marine Ecology Progress Series. Their paper, Quantifying scales of spatial variability in algal turf assemblages on coral reefs, describes how turf algae on a coral reef are variable over very small scales.  Stay tuned for the official publication of the paper, but in the … Read More

Smith Lab’s Clint Edwards Publishes New Paper!

Smith Lab’s Clinton Edwards is now a proud author of the Proceedings of the Royal Society Biology!  His Master’s thesis: Global assessment of the status of coral reef herbivorous fishes: evidence for fishing effects examines the global status of herbivorous fish and how their presence affects the dynamics of the marine ecosystem.  Abstract: Coral reefs are among the most threatened ecosystems on the planet due … Read More

Smith Lab Members Publish New Papers!

Andi Haas, Nichole Price, both post docs in the Smith lab, and Dr. Jennifer Smith have recently published a paper in PLosOne and another in Marine Ecology Progress Series, about their research on coral reefs, microbes, and DOC.