Exploring Coral Reef Threats

Dr. Jennifer Smith and Dr. Nichole Price are featured on CBS 8 San Diego’s Earth 8 with Vanessa Bezic to talk about their research on the threats against coral reefs.

Scripps Researchers Monitor a Day in the Life of Coral

The Environmental Monitor is a journal covering products, projects and trends in the environmental monitoring industry. It aims to help professionals stay informed about developments in their industry. This is a piece they did on the Smith Lab, written by Austen Verrilli.

Communicating Ocean Acidification in Bodega Bay

What happens to all of the carbon dioxide that is released into the air from our cars and factories?  This is a question that concerns many people these days, particularly scientists like myself that are interested in studying the effects of increased CO2 on our marine animals.  

New Ocean Acidification Sensor Installed at Scripps!

Members of the Smith Lab head the effort to install Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s (SIO) first ocean acidification monitoring system. This monitoring system will provide essential data that will allow researchers to monitor changes in ocean chemistry over time and help them better understand the effects of these changes to local marine ecosystems.

Smith Lab Members Publish New Papers!

Andi Haas, Nichole Price, both post docs in the Smith lab, and Dr. Jennifer Smith have recently published a paper in PLosOne and another in Marine Ecology Progress Series, about their research on coral reefs, microbes, and DOC.