Research Adventures in Maui

PhD student Levi Lewis shares his recent ventures in Hawaii. From data collection to seeing nature at work, sometimes it’s hard to believe that these devoted students get to do this for a living.

Four Days of Data and Chicken Wire

Emily Kelly, a PhD student in the Smith Lab, talks about her recent trip to Maui, Hawaii to continue her ongoing experiment looking at the effects of herbivores on coral reef ecology.

Pau Hana Maui 2011

Levi Lewis, a PhD student in the Smith Lab, talks about his final field excursion of 2011 to Maui to collect data for his research.

A Great Introduction to Reef Ecology

My name is Kevin Moses. I attend Howard University in Washington, DC, but I am working in the Smith lab this summer through an NSF funded REU program. This summer I got the opportunity to assist Emily Kelly with her field work in Maui. The experience was awesome. I don’t have much background in snorkeling or coral reefs, so it … Read More

Thrilled to be back on the reef!

Our last dive at Kahekili was in October and Levi Lewis (photo on right holding his cool new helmet cam) and I, both PhD students at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, are thrilled to be back on the reef again so soon. What a difference 3.5 months makes! Of course, the swell is more than when we … Read More

Notes from the Field: Hawaii

This is a blog post from Emily Kelly, a PhD student in our lab, following her current research in Hawaii. —————————————————— I’ve just returned from three months of diving and running experiments in Maui (what a great job!) and as I sit in my San Diego office pouring over datasheets, I miss the daily tropical diving and stolen underwater moments … Read More