Catching Up With… Jill Harris!

Jill Harris, a Ph.D. student in the Smith Lab, gives us a little insight on the “ins and outs” of the Smith Lab this quarter. If you’d like to know more about Jill’s research or what she’s up to, you can also check our her own blog at

Catching up with…Susan Kram!

Susan Kram, the newest Master’s student in the Smith Lab, gives an update on what she’s been working on this quarter at SIO. From classes, projects, and continuing to develop her own research projects, a Master’s student’s work is never done.

Talking Story with the Pacific Voyagers & Press Release

The Pacific Voyagers are a network of Pacific Islanders who are sailing the world with a fleet of environmentally-sustainable vakas wth the mission to combine the wisdom of their ancestors with modern science to broader understanding of the ocean and share their message of stewardship with the world. Levi Lewis talks about his interaction with members of Pacific Voyagers.

Smith Lab Members Publish New Papers!

Andi Haas, Nichole Price, both post docs in the Smith lab, and Dr. Jennifer Smith have recently published a paper in PLosOne and another in Marine Ecology Progress Series, about their research on coral reefs, microbes, and DOC.

Notes From the Field: Palmyra Atoll

Maggie Johnson, the newest Ph.D. student in the Smith Lab, talks about her experience looking at the various effects of elevated CO2 on the coral reefs of the Palmyra Atoll.

Featured Research: Ocean Acidification

Read more about some of our current research on Ocean Acidification in this recently published piece from Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry News. See pg. 9 for some images and data from our last trip to the Line Islands. Check out the full article here: Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry News, Winter 2011

Notes from the field: In The Lab

Andi with samples

This is a blog post by Andi Haas, a PhD student in our lab, following the other side of field research. While the majority of the lab is on a field cruise, generating data for future scientific publications, others are still working in the lab, processing samples collected on the last field trip and preparing for the next. Working in … Read More

Check out the research in the Northern Line Island Expedition!

The Tent Brigade by Jen Smith, head researcher on the Benthic Team Prior to setting out on this expedition, I really had no idea how the Benthic Team was going to accomplish the goal we had set: performing three separate experiments at each island given no more than four days each. It seemed impossible. Now, after our fourth island, we … Read More

A Most Useful Useless Reef

Gray reef shark at Kingman. Photograph by Jen Smith.

Learn about Kingman Reef as we follow the Northern Line Islands Expedition with the latest posts from the field.