Exploring Coral Reef Threats

Dr. Jennifer Smith and Dr. Nichole Price are featured on CBS 8 San Diego’s Earth 8 with Vanessa Bezic to talk about their research on the threats against coral reefs.

Perks of Being A Marine Ecologist

Jill Harris, a PhD student in the Smith Lab, talks about one of the many perks of being a marine ecologist. Can you spend the day looking out on the beautiful oceanic landscape of San Diego as part of your “job”

Scripps Researchers Monitor a Day in the Life of Coral

The Environmental Monitor is a journal covering products, projects and trends in the environmental monitoring industry. It aims to help professionals stay informed about developments in their industry. This is a piece they did on the Smith Lab, written by Austen Verrilli.

Smith lab takes on the Western Society of Naturalists

Smith & Sandin Lab at the WSN conference

PhD student Maggie Johnson shares how the Smith & Sandin Lab continue to proudly represent Scripps Institution of Oceanography by participating in the Western Society of Naturalists annual conference in Seaside, California.

Smith Lab Publishes A New Paper!

Dr. Jennifer Smith & Postdoc Nichole Price publish a new paper on the natural variability in pH from the Central Pacific in PLoS ONE!

12th International Coral Reef Symposium 2012 – Cairns Australia

Good day mate! The Smith Lab s traveling to the great “Downunder” to participate in the International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS). They will be joining approximately 2,500 scientists, conservationists, and educators to discuss the latest news and technology about coral reefs.

Looking Back to the Line Islands

In the fall of 2010, researchers from SDSU, SIO, and other coral reef ecologists collaborated together for a research cruise to the Northern Line Islands, home to the some of the most pristine coral reef ecosystems still thriving in the world today.

New Ocean Acidification Sensor Installed at Scripps!

Members of the Smith Lab head the effort to install Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s (SIO) first ocean acidification monitoring system. This monitoring system will provide essential data that will allow researchers to monitor changes in ocean chemistry over time and help them better understand the effects of these changes to local marine ecosystems.

Adventures with Algae!

Here’s a photo album of all the different aspects of Dr. Jennifer Smith’s phycology class: From lecture to lab work to field collecting. Enjoy the photos because we definitely enjoyed the experience!