The Smith Lab Reaches Out!

Science outreach is an extremely vital tool for the Smith Lab. What good is knowledge if you don’t share it? Jill Harris talks about her experience judging science fair projects at the San Diego Science Fair.

[de] Construction at Ukumehame

Niko scopes the sediment plume at Ukumehame

Levi Lewis, a PhD student in the Smith Lab, does a lot of research on the beautiful island of Maui. But as the years go by he’s seen a lot of changes that have significantly affected the beautiful and thriving coral reefs.

Looking Back at ICRS 2012

The International Coral Reef Symposium may be over, but the memories and knowledge taken from the experience will continue to remain with the Smith Lab members. A few members share some of their most rewarding experiences they had down in Carins, Australia.

Smith Lab In Action!

Summer may be at its peak, but members of the Smith Lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) are still hard at work! Some are out & about around the world checking on their experiments and collecting data, others are right here in San Diego learning new skills and working on various projects. Find out what people are up to!

12th International Coral Reef Symposium 2012 – Cairns Australia

Good day mate! The Smith Lab s traveling to the great “Downunder” to participate in the International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS). They will be joining approximately 2,500 scientists, conservationists, and educators to discuss the latest news and technology about coral reefs.

Research Adventures in Maui

PhD student Levi Lewis shares his recent ventures in Hawaii. From data collection to seeing nature at work, sometimes it’s hard to believe that these devoted students get to do this for a living.

Parrotfish in San Diego??

Clint Edwards, a Master’s student in the Smith Lab, gives us a little scientific perspective on fish sold in markets. We should think a little before we buy any fish available at the local grocery store.

Looking Back to the Line Islands

In the fall of 2010, researchers from SDSU, SIO, and other coral reef ecologists collaborated together for a research cruise to the Northern Line Islands, home to the some of the most pristine coral reef ecosystems still thriving in the world today.

Four Days of Data and Chicken Wire

Emily Kelly, a PhD student in the Smith Lab, talks about her recent trip to Maui, Hawaii to continue her ongoing experiment looking at the effects of herbivores on coral reef ecology.